My Philosophy

We are living in the great illusion. The one that tells us if we work hard enough and climb to the top of the heap, then we will arrive at peace-of-mind and satisfaction. But somehow we never seem to arrive at what we thought success should feel like.

Operating in this old system has become painful. It's time to step into a new paradigm.

Together we will explore the spiritual nature of your life circumstances, surrender false ambitions imposed by societal messaging; create space for your soul's true intention; explore deeper dimensions of understanding the world, yourself, and the tools that will get you there; re-frame your narrative so you have an empowered launch pad to spring from; break cycles that impede you from realizing your highest potential; and deeply embody the beauty of your human nature. We will meet where you are presently at in life and align your body, mind and spirit with total love and acceptance.

Sessions are a natural blend of coaching, yoga, and reiki based on unique you.

75 minute Zoom session @ $65

4 session Zoom package $230

8 session Zoom package $490