Totally Empowered Yoga

for Beginners

Private weekly Zoom session: $16.50/class drop-in or $90/6 class package 

The next 6 week session will start Saturday January 16 - February 20, 2021 at 10 am CST on Zoom. 

My philosophy is that yoga is more than just a workout: it's a spiritual path embarked on through physical preparation of the body for higher states of consciousness. Yoga is as healing on the inside as it is empowering on the outside.

Join me for a Vinyasa-Yin style yoga designed to release deep rooted beliefs, promote self-acceptance and gentleness, release energetic blocks through somatic experiencing, and connect you with your inner and outer universe. If you're ready for a deeper, spiritual yogic experience through music and meditative visualization, this class is for you.



text: 306.241.1642


Dawn's class is the most incredible balance of connecting with and nourishing my mind and body. The time spent at the beginning in meditation, looking within myself, looking outside of myself; it prepares me for the physical work that comes after.


The class flows so naturally and gives me the opportunity to push myself but to also be gentle and accepting of what I was able to accomplish. This class gives me the inner peace I need to make it through my crazy week. I don't know what I would do without it!