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Do you know how to make your Biggest Challenges into your Greatest Assets?

Do you know how to go inside your challenges to mine for the jewels that will reveal your inner wisdom and extraordinary gifts to the world?

I'm here to show you that growth through adversity is the golden ticket to the life you want to achieve spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


Challenges and mistakes don't just happen to us, they happen for us. Together we will rid any unnecessary regret and discover the truth that every challenge is your personal doorway to your highest self. We will reset the foundation for your beautiful life by diving deep into your soul purpose and revelling in what's possible; discovering and connecting your divine self; uplifting you with a re-framed inner narrative based on truth, love, and alignment with your deepest inner knowing; and embodying being less perfect and instead being more whole, down to earth, and human. You will leave with a sense of purpose, direction and next steps towards a life that reflects how you want to feel inside.

Your magnificent truth awaits you. This is an invitation to discover your truth inside.


Intuitive Coaching

75 min @ $100
Packages available

 Let's hold space for your soul's true intention; explore your deeper dimensions; and re-frame your inner narrative. Learn and align with your personal truth that is your guiding force.


Energy Healing

75 min @ $125

Powerful and gentle blend of energy modalities for the for inner child focused on  

awareness, acceptance and alchemy


Transformational Yoga

$16.5/class or 6 for $90

 A deeply transformative Vinyasa-Yin yoga experience designed to connect you with your inner and outer universe. 

Total Alignment Healing Package


Alignment Packages @ $550

Total Alignment Package: 6 sessions – 4 coaching, 1 yoga, 1 energy healing

 or 6 sessions – build your own package

Payment plans available

Coaching on Zoom or in-person

75 minute Zoom or in-person session @ $100

3 session Zoom package $300

10 session Zoom package $950


Truth Inside is a spiritually-based life transformation company that helps people connect to their highest self, improve relationships, end emotional survival and addictions, and align with their true purpose.

Dawn Deguire left the corporate world behind to dedicate her life to change-making as a motivational speaker, coach, mentor, recovery advocate, inner child healer, and yoga instructor. Her unique intuitive style blends multiple approaches and philosophies through a blend of new age and Indigenous spirituality, yoga, recovery, and psychology.


Dawn awakened her intuitive and healing abilities on her own healing journey from complex trauma stemming from the residential school legacy, addictions, abuse, family systems trauma, and the internalization of world culture.

In her personal life, Dawn is an avid spiritual seeker through her recovery community and her Indigenous nehiyaw culture. She is the co-founder of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Yoga Association and is currently studying psychology and sociology at the U of S.

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Phone: 1.306.241.1642

Email: mytruthinside@gmail.com

© 2021 Truth Inside Wholistic Coaching & Healing.

Dawn's coaching program is one of a kind..working with her has been very empowering...she has a gift for being able to bring out the best in you...I highly recommend booking a session with Dawn!--Kendal Netmaker, Keynote Speaker and Coach

Dawn's grace and gentle presence provides a safe, nurturing platform to facilitate deep inner awareness and freedom from torment and self loathing. Dawn is a beautiful soul, highly gifted and self aware. I am grateful for her selfless service to guide others through their own personal journeys to release shame and trauma. Working with Dawn is a privilege that results in profound healing and higher awareness. With gratitude, I highly recommend.--Julie Veresh, Body Talk Practitioner and Coach

Dawn brings her whole heart and soul to a session. Since meeting with her I've experienced such a powerful shift - emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. I trust her and her gentle energy and would recommend her to anyone looking to heal from deep within. Thank you for walking with me Dawn! --Darcie

My session with Dawn was the most beneficial out of any session I've ever had. And I've had LOTS. Body talk, psychologists, reiki, you name it. Dawn helped me move through so much. She's a natural healer. Dawn is absolutely powerful, and you know when speaking with her she has done and continues to do her work which gave me inspiration to do mine. It seems she has a system figured out and she works within that, but as well has a very nurturing maternal side that adds a feeling of safety and unconditional love. We moved through a lot!! I I felt more was accomplished with Dawn in this session than I had felt seeing a psychologist over a long period of time.--Anna

Dawn is calm and experienced. Dawn helped me out of my troubled mind and calmed my heart. The session clear ed my mind and calmed my heart, and helped me to live in the moment without getting caught in the past and worry about the future. The problem resolved and also restored some spiritual energy nutrients for days after that I continued to absorb and digest. --Yang Su


I always leave feeling comfortable, safe, and my stress relieved. Dawn creates a magical experience by digging deep in your soul to help you find your way. It's a beautiful experience.  --Lexi